Whiskey, With or Without Ice, That is the Question – $2 is the Answer!

whiskey surcharge

whiskey surcharge

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Devin Leonard shares an interesting story about a “nefarious” up-charge that confronted him for ordering Whiskey without the rocks.

At a reputable burger joint in Manhattan, Devin Leonard ordered a “Woodford, straight up.” That’s without ice.

After drinking up and finishing his meal, he got the bill. At $13, it isn’t overpriced in Manhattan.

But as a little bonus it showed a $2 surcharge for “neat”. The neat being rock-free.

Leonard goes on to explain:

I asked my waitress to clarify. She summoned the manager, a friendly young guy. He told me with a smile that I got extra Woodford without ice. He said this explained the extra charge. What’s more, he told me that this was common practice in the city.

“Well, this is the first time I’ve ever seen it,” I responded, adding that my bourbon wasn’t exactly jumbo-sized.

“Oh, no, sir,” he assured me. “Everybody does it.” They offered me another one free, just to make up.

Are struggling businesses looking to squeeze a little harder? Add-on that little bit more? Or is the “neat” rock-free whiskey surcharge the new normal?

Share your thoughts and experiences with out readers.

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