Optimizes Your Travel Costs

3436 Optimizes Your Travel Costs

Travelmath calculatorSo you think it has all already been invented? Be prepared for a surprise! is a great gadget/website with an easy-to-use calculator that is ready to answer all your numbers’ questions.

In their own words:

Our goal is to provide quick solutions for all your travel-related calculations. You can use the site to solve homework problems, plan your next trip, or just satisfy your curiosity.

Here are some examples of common questions that we can answer:

How far does my friend live from me?
How much would it cost if I wanted to take a road trip to visit my friend?
How long would it take to drive there?
Where can I stay in the area?
I want to go on a holiday vacation to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. What’s the nearest airport to fly into?
What other cities and towns are near Singapore, Singapore?
I need to make an international phone call. When is the best time to call another country?

Got a numbers or travel question? Check out and give it a try.

What we like

  • The unique idea
  • The simplicity

What we could do without

  • The Google banners
  • The Google custom search bar

Here’s the website’s full page screenshot: Optimizes Your Travel Costs

Give the calculator a try and let us know what you think.

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