Tech Lag in Hospitality Sector Inspires New Suite of Apps

Tech Lag in Hospitality Sector Inspires New Suite of Apps

Tech Lag in Hospitality Sector Inspires New Suite of Apps

Dobiquity aims to help hospitality enterprises to make the move to digital

A new suite of apps designed specifically for the hospitality industry has been launched this week. Called Dobiquity, the new digital platform will enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to increase efficiency and reduce costs by replacing inefficient manual processes with easy to use web and mobile apps.

The hospitality industry plays a significant role in global economic life. However, research shows that SMEs within the industry generally lag behind in terms of adoption rates for ICT and cloud-based solutions. Enda Larkin, Managing Director, Dobiquity, explains that “For a variety of reasons, from fear of the unknown to a lack of time to explore options, smaller hospitality operators are slower than their larger counterparts to make the shift to digital. This in turn means that they are potentially forgoing significant productivity benefits and cost savings. In response to this, we at Dobiquity have created a suite of enterprise apps and knowledge resources that will provide hospitality SME operators with a comparable level of technological and information resources seen in large enterprises but at a fraction of the cost. A key differentiator for the Dobiquity offering is that our subscribers can select from a portfolio of apps that digitise a variety of important business tasks without the need to sign up with multiple providers; in effect, we are a One Stop App Shop for the hospitality industry. Using Dobiquity apps requires no investment in IT as everything is cloud-based and access to the suite of apps is available for an annual subscription working out at around €1 per day.”

The suite of apps provided covers a broad spectrum of work activities, including a Mystery Shopper App which allows operators to self-manage the mystery shopper process without the need to engage the services of a professional shopper; an Employee Survey App which streamlines how operators measure employee satisfaction and engagement levels using an online survey tool; a Customer Feedback App, which will digitise the customer feedback process. In addition, the service will incorporate comprehensive reporting features providing real-time management information to aid decision-making, as well as a Knowledge Hub to help operators learn and improve. Dobiquity will regularly add new apps to the suite, including those covering business tasks like On-the-Job training and Stocktaking, so the product range will continuously expand.

The Dobiquity offering was developed in partnership with Granite Digital, one of Ireland’s leading web and mobile developers.

Mr Larkin added, “The global hospitality industry was very hard hit by the economic and financial crisis but is now experiencing modest growth again in most locations. However, with low adoption rates for ICT and cloud-based solutions, insufficient data to guide decision-making and the need to continuously upgrade management skills, SMEs within the sector still face many challenges. Our objective with the launch of Dobiquity is to provide a digital platform which will help operators worldwide to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve business performance – all in a very user-friendly way and at a highly competitive cost.”

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