Sex and Binge Drinking Tourism, the BBC Documentary About Spain’s Magaluf

Mallorca BBC Documentary

Stacey Dooley unveils the dark side of Spain’s Magaluf tourist destination in a new documentary aired on BBC recently.

Stacey Dooley travels to Magaluf, on the Spanish island of Mallorca, to get under the skin of this popular resort. The resort is famous for the drunken antics of the British tourists who go there, but Stacey wants to find out what it’s like for the thousands of Spanish workers who serve, police and clear up.

“The truth about Magaluf” is a shocking documentary broadcast by the BBC that presents the “dark side” of Mallorca’s tourist destination Magaluf.

“Every summer, thousands of young Britons travel to Magaluf in Mallorca, not for the sun, but for what happens when the sun sets.” is how the BBC documentary starts.

Stacey Dooley walks the streets of this infamous tourist destination, where you will discover “the dark side of this resort.” The journalist accompanies local police officers and ambulance drivers working in this “party paradise”. A medical worker explains, for example, the case of a 16 year old tourist who, after being attacked, was raped.

The documentary is filled with scenes of drunken tourists, robberies and stories about the cases of death due to “balconing” as well as sexual games such as “the erection challenge”.

The cut-throat competition

The journalist interviews Alvaro Reyes, owner of a Magaluf bar. “Would more expensive drinks not be better, so people don’t get so drunk?, asks the reporter. To which the owner replies, “The system works and I have to compete with those hotels that offer all-inclusive packages”.

Rape, Death

“Normally in summer 15 to 20 rapes or attempted rapes” confirms an ambulance worker. “It’s scary to see how these girls who come here are so vulnerable,” says the reporter on camera.

But rape and robberies are not the only tragedies of this tourist resort – balconing, the new trend is taking its own toll. This year saw 12 deaths related to a new craze that involves tourists jumping from balconies to the pool or other balconies.

Dooley’s documentary takes her to the Institute of Medicine, where she interviews Javier Alarcon, coroner. “How many tourists have died from causes that you attribute to excessive drinking” asks the reporter. “I’ve done 60 autopsies so far this year and many of them are related to alcohol and drugs,” he replies.

Here goes the documentary in full

Have you been to Magaluf? What’s your view on the alcohol-fueled tourist destinations such as Mallorca’s Magaluf. Share your comments below.

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