Nov 2 • 8M

🍍 Your staff has been in pain - here's what needs to change

"Complaints are crushing the souls and killing the energy of your people."

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Josiah Mackenzie
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"Your staff has been in pain and we are still losing people to other industries."

That’s the message from Adele Gutman, founder of Get Great Guest Reviews and the former Vice President of sales, marketing, and revenue for The Library Collection, which has consistently earned some of the highest guest ratings in the world.

Remember this photo that went viral recently?

Part of the reason it went viral is the experience many feel in the hospitality industry of being burned out after years of stress.

Adele is on a mission to help hospitality providers get to the root of what’s causing this stress and turn the situation around.

In this episode, Adele shared her perspective on what it takes to create a culture where hospitality teams can thrive - and shares a story of what she learned about this from a recent hotel stay.

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