Nov 17 • 5M

Why storytelling matters more than ever - Susan Barry, Hive Marketing

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Josiah Mackenzie
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Susan Barry led sales and marketing teams at Starwood Hotels before founding Hive Marketing, where today she helps hotel brands, management companies, and owners refine their message and better communicate their value. One of the ways she does this is by investing in content creation, digital media, and storytelling both for her hotel clients and for her business as the host of the (excellent and entertaining) Top Floor podcast.

This show isn’t about marketing per se, but I wanted to share Susan’s experience because no great hospitality concept gets off the ground without someone selling the vision to investors, brands, management companies, and/or other participants.

So if you are a participant in the hospitality industry, you’ll want to hear her advice because the way you tell your story will affect your capacity to provide hospitality to the world.

👉 Question of the day: How are you investing in telling your story to other industry participants in a way that helps you serve more people?

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