Nov 9 • 4M

🍍 Uber Eats can't beat this hotelier

Jason Kaminski's innovative way to meet guest needs and drive revenue

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Josiah Mackenzie
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“Guests now realize they can have a pizza at their door in 20 minutes instead of the 45-minute wait for a delivery from one of the big guys.”

I love stories of people coming up with new ways of providing hospitality because they’re paying attention to guest needs.

This episode is brought to you by Shiji Group who connected me with Jason Kaminski, Regional Food and Beverage Director at American Liberty Hospitality in Texas.

Jason told me how he's launching his own in-house F&B brand after watching how guests kept ordering food using delivery apps. By observing this behavior - and understanding the capabilities he had in-house - he came up with a way to both meet guests’ needs and drive more revenue for his company.

Listen to today’s episode to learn what he did - or read the full case study here on