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Today, you’ll learn about: 

  • the new “jetsons” hotel in orlando

  • combining high-tech + high-touch to emerge stronger than before

  • a key to employee motivation in hospitality

  • investing in the future of travel post-pandemic 

  • a Ritz Carlton fitness amenity that you could offer as well

the new “jetsons” hotel in orlando

Suzie Yang is reimagining guest experience in a way that incorporates thoughtful technology with personal service to make human interaction a priority. CoralTree Hospitality’s Lake Nona Wave Hotel will be like stepping into an episode of the Jetsons - with smart windows, voice-activated in-room controls, and access to the nation’s largest fleet of autonomous shuttles.

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combining high-tech + high-touch to emerge stronger than before

As travel continues to rebuild globally, hoteliers are taking the time to reevaluate the fundamentals of how they've historically operated and strategize new ways to recoup lost revenue. Two areas of focus offer cause for fresh hope: the speed of digitalization, and a renewed drive to prioritize the guest experience.

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respect: a key to employee motivation in hospitality

A significant percentage of our employees view the hospitality industry as a way to earn money and get work experience while they are in high school, college, or simply trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. The current average tenure of hospitality employees in the U.S. is about one year. How do we motivate employees to view their jobs as having career potential and therefore to take their job-related responsibilities more seriously? Showing respect is the key. 

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investing in the future of travel post-pandemic

As a recent McKinsey report noted that next to dining out, travel is the most desirable activity among consumers with disposable income. But “travel” is a massive category, including leisure and corporate, group and transient, hotel, air, car rental and cruise.

As might be expected, the recovery so far has been uneven across verticals, and that is likely to continue. The path to understanding the future of travel is to follow and anticipate the direction of consumer spending, and at the same time, focus on those areas of investment which COVID has exposed as rapid growth areas within the sector. In other words: Follow the emerging path of industry disruption.

There is the intractable hotel technology ecosystem, where macro disruptions such as COVID have served as a catalyst toward an accelerated pace of innovation across the value chain. Shifting consumer behavior patterns, in evidence long before COVID, have pushed hotel companies toward more flexible models of service delivery.

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a Ritz Carlton fitness amenity that you could offer as well

Finally, our amenity of the day goes to the Ritz Carlton San Francisco, which is offering private outdoor workouts. With views like this, sign us up! We’d like to see more hotels partnering with trainers to offer experiences like this. 


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