Nov 1 • 6M

🍍 “Good isn’t good. Only great is good.”

The philosophy that drove a collection of 4 hotels to the top of TripAdvisor's NYC rankings

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Josiah Mackenzie
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“Good isn’t good. Only great is good.”

That’s the message from Adele Gutman, who used to run sales, marketing, and revenue for The Library Collection in New York, and worked with owner Henry Kallan and their teams to achieve the incredible result of placing all 4 of their hotels in the top 4 spots of TripAdvisor’s list of hotels in New York City with the highest guest satisfaction.

In this episode, Adele shares:

  • Why “good isn’t good - only great is good”

  • The profitability of loyal guests

  • What’s missing in too many hospitality experiences

  • What defines a great brand in hospitality

  • How one experience can ruin a brand’s reputation

  • Her system for “reputation cultivation”

  • The innovation trap

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