Copywriting as experience design

Plus: A former London Marriott concierge remembers Arne Sorensen

Last week I stayed at the Ace Hotel in NYC. Its iconic lobby ended up being as good as always, but what stood out to me on this stay was the copywriting throughout the hallways:

Even when they’re telling you not to do something:

Yes, many hotels have clever copywriting, but what the Ace does - in large ways and small - is a great example of using every touchpoint to define the guest experience and enhance its brand.

Could you do something like this?

A former London Marriott concierge remembers Arne Sorensen

In Iqbal Ahmed’s tribute to Arne Sorensen, something stood out to me: 

Due to the pandemic, I had lost my own job in a London Marriott hotel a few months previously and Arne had sent me a very sympathetic message saying how disappointed he was to hear about it and asking me how he could help in my search for a new role.

That’s leadership in this industry: showing a spirit of hospitality to the people you work with. That’s what people remember.

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