Bringing back a ‘sense of arrival’

Plus: Cutting corners isn’t an option for Ian Schrager

Bringing back a sense of arrival

For many, travel has become more difficult, especially internationally with COVID testing and other precautions. Hoteliers can’t control that, but what they can control is the ‘sense of arrival’ – those first instances where the guest makes digital then physical contact with the brand.

It would serve hoteliers well to consider these first impressions in terms of how they will influence loyalty and word of mouth going forward. Resorts have long excelled at this sense of arrival - but given the context today all hotels should give thought towards budgeting to upgrade the guest experience in this way in 2022.

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Cutting corners isn’t an option for Ian Schrager

At a time when the hotel industry is desperately trying to revive itself, hotel visionary Ian Schrager said it is a mistake to reduce the quality of service through cost-saving measures.

"Of course, we're trying to run as efficient an operation as we possibly can. But I think you have to be very careful and not act precipitously and wait to see what happens. I think the most important thing is to get the customers back and not cut back on the services or the amenities or the things you're offering them."

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Adopting airline pricing?

MCR Hotels is the fourth-largest hotel owner in the U.S. by room count, and according to CEO Tyler Morse, “Being hospitable does not mean giving people things for free.”

I see it differently. For me, being charged for access and amenities detracts from my experience. I’d rather pay more up front and have it included.

What about you?