Branded residences: a growth opportunity?

Plus: Providing guests with "never ending travel," the importance of cleanliness, and more

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I started off my Sunday morning reading one of my favorite magazines, Monocle, which covered a number of creative hotel concepts and talked about future growth opportunities for hospitality. One of those opportunities was branded residences. This isn’t a new concept. Many luxury brands have them, and Elite Traveler and Architectural Digest have good overviews.

Mandarin Oriental CEO James Riley said developers are able to charge a 25% premium when their brand is on the building. Rosewood just announced their first stand-alone project, saying there is an “increased demand for enriched living that combines the amenities, facilities, and services of an ultra-luxury resort with the intimacy and comfort of a private home.”

I feel there is a lot more opportunity here not only with luxury brands but also other well-curated lifestyle hospitality brands. What do you think: do you see more opportunities for collaboration here for your business?

Providing “never ending tourism”

The Observatory on Digital Innovation in Tourism of Politecnico di Milano has coined a new concept they call “never ending tourism.”

Basically, it’s about expanding a travel experience for guests beyond the time they are physically in a location through digital content, experiences, and sales.

Last year, 80% of Italian museums, monuments, and archaeological sites created new online content to share knowledge. 42% of lodging businesses there offered their customers the possibility to purchase local products (online or in the facility) and 39% hosted guests for remote working. 

I’m intrigued by how hospitality providers around the world could collaborate with other organizations in their destination to build loyalty, create demand for other businesses, and add revenue streams.

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Cleanliness becoming more important?

Online reputation company TrustYou analyzed 14 million online reviews between November 2020 and July 2021 and found that hotel guests have been increasingly talking about cleanliness:

I’m curious - are you finding this with your properties? The feedback I’m hearing from hoteliers seems mixed - some feel certain types of cleaning are just performative and to others, the more cleaning the better.

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