– Combines Social Adventure With Travel Booking

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Mr Arlo travel site

The new travel site, Mr. Arlo mixes travel recommendations based on user interests, social media activity and friend’s travel choices. The adventure before the travel adventure!

The recently launched is hotel-restaurant-activites booking portal with a social twist. With a $280,000 startup budget, Co-founder Chuck Job Lang brought the site to life earlier this year in Novemeber.

On the board at, the startup counts with former executives of Atlanta-based Delta, Marriott International and Travelport.

In their own words:

Mr. Arlo—your solution to travel-booking woes. I am a friendly, simple to use travel companion. I’m personal, mobile, local, and social. Most importantly–I listen to you. With Mr. Arlo, travel planning is a lot less frustrating and a lot more fun. With me, things are going to be a little more creative and a lot less frustrating. Here’s how I work:

  • I simplify things. See all search results in one page and instantly sort by price, duration, and number of travelers.
  • I’ll get to know you. My ability to understand who you are when traveling allows me to suggest the things you’ll love.
  • I inspire your inner globetrotter. I can show you what other people are planning in hopes of igniting your wanderlust
  • I save you time (and sanity). I allow you to book your hotel, restaurants, and activities all at once, in one place. No more bookmarking and backtracking.
  • I’m friendly. Save and share trips you are planning, incase you want to bring a companion (other than me) on your adventures.
  • I’ve got your back. With a best price promise I’ll make sure you never find a better deal somewhere else.

What we liked

  • The design
  • The cool idea
  • Mr. Arlo’s personality

What we could do without

  • The $25 “friend invitation”
  • The faceless logo

Here goes the full screenshot: screenshot

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