Lisbon Takes Home Five Top Hostels Awards 2013

Lisbon Takes Home Best Worldwide Hostels Awards 2013

Lisbon Takes Home Best Worldwide Hostels Awards 2013

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon has taken home the top 5 spots for world’s best hostels in 2013. The 11th annual hostel awards (previously Hoscars) have been awarded by travel portal

Over 400 hostel representatives from 44 countries attended the awards ceremony in Dublin. CEO Feargal Mooney says: “The Hostel Awards ceremony has long been the most-anticipated event on the budget travel calendar.

Based entirely on guest reviews, the 1 million guests who booked their hostel accommodation in 2012 voted for their favourite venues.

Value was placed on fun, cleanliness, staff, security, location and character.

“It’s the only way to ensure a true reflection of a property’s strengths and weaknesses.”

A spokesperson for adds: “The awards clearly show the bustling growth hostel accommodation has attained and the future potential of such accommodation.”

Top 10 Worldwide Hostels

1              Yes! Lisbon Hostel                        Lisbon
2              Home Hostel                                   Lisbon
3              Travellers House                            Lisbon
4              Living Lounge Hostel                     Lisbon
5              Hostel One Paralelo                     Barcelona
6              Vagabonds                                      Belfast
7              Cocomama                                     Amsterdam
8              Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge    Marrakech
9              The Garden Backpacker                Seville
10           Ostello Bello                                      Milan

Best Small Hostels Worldwide (maximum 50 beds)

1              Hostel One Paralelo                       Barcelona
2              Vagabonds                                       Belfast
3              Cocomama                                      Amsterdam
4              Charles Bridge Economic Hostel Prague
5              Hostel One Sants                            Barcelona
6              El Viajero Cartagena Hostel         Cartagena
7              Greg & Tom Party Hostel                Krakow
8              Lisboa Central Hostel                     Lisbon
9              Florentine Backpackers Hostel    Tel Aviv
10           Our Melting Pot                                  Manila

Best Medium Hostels Worldwide (51-100 beds)

1              Home Hostel                                      Lisbon
2              Travellers House                               Lisbon
3              Living Lounge Hostel                        Lisbon
4              Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge    Marrakech
5              The Garden Backpacker                Seville
6              Ostello Bello                                     Milan
7              Montreal Central                              Montreal
8              Grand Hostel Berlin                        Berlin
9              Global Village                                   Belfast
10           Sant Jordi Alberg                            Barcelona

Best Large Hostels Worldwide (101-250 beds)

1              Yes! Lisbon Hostel                                                     Lisbon
2              Wombats City Hostel Vienna – The Lounge           Vienna
3              YHA London Oxford Street                                         London
4              Circus Hostel                                                                Berlin
5              City BackPackers Hostel                                          Stockholm
6              Barnacles Temple Bar House                                  Dublin
7              USA Hostels San Francisco                                  San Francisco
8              Abraham Hostel Jerusalem                                    Jerusalem
9              Bounce Sydney                                                            Sydney
10           Sleepzone                                                                     Galway

 Best Extra Large Hostels Worldwide (minimum 251 beds)

1              Castle Rock Hostel                                                                Edinburgh
2              Nomads Queenstown                                                        Queenstown
3              Wombats City Hostel Vienna – at the Naschmarkt             Vienna
4              YHA Wellington City                                                               Wellington
5              SameSun Backpacker Lodge – Vancouver                       Vancouver
6              YHA London Central                                                                London
7              Chicago Getaway Hostel                                                        Chicago
8              Hostelling International New York                                       New York
9              H.I. Chicago Hostel                                                                 Chicago
10           Adelaide Hostel and Hotel                                                     Adelaide

Top Hostel Chains

1              USA Hostels
2              Sant Jordi
3              Wombats

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