Iconic Barcelona Skyscraper, Agbar Tower to be Converted into Luxury Hotel

Agbar Tower Barcelona

Agbar Tower Barcelona

The 38-story skyscraper, Torre Agbar, located in Barceelona is said to be converted into a luxury hotel.

According to reports in the Spanish press, the Hyatt hotel chain has reached an agreement with the Agbar group, to acquire the tower and convert it into a luxury hotel.

Sources close to the deal suggest that the transaction will cost between 150 and 250 million euros, with the transformation costing an additional 35 million euros.

The Agbar tower has a built surface of 50,000 m2 with 30,000 m2 currently in use as offices. The transformed building is expected to attract 1.5 million visitors per year.

Image credits: macle.

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