Hotels in Scandinavia Turn Their Backs on Expedia

First Hotels

First HotelsA number of important hotel groups in Scandinavia have informed that they will not be renewing their contracts with the booking portal Expedia (including and

The decision has come amid disagreements to the commission terms imposed by

First Hotels, Nordic Choice, Scandic Hotels as well as Thon Hotels have canceled their contracts that covered around 450 hotels in the region – around 0.3% of the global portfolio managed by Expedia.

As explained by in its article “Scandinavian operators pull rooms from Expedia” The dispute, according to company representatives, primarily stems from ongoing questions of rate parity – namely the ability for operators to offer the lowest rates on their proprietary website “. That is, the dispute focuses primarily on issues of parity.

The dispute comes amid a concern raised by hotel operators aroung the globe about price fixing and minimum established rates.

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