Hospitality Startup Airbnb Launches Business Travel Portal

Airbnb Business Travel

Hospitality Startup Airbnb Launches Business Travel Portal

The hugely successful hospitality startup Airbnb plans to take on the business travel market.

The travel portal which started out in 2008, focused on the “sharing economy” concept where homeowners rented out rooms, are now taking a leap towards business travel, the company announced on their blog.

The idea is to help business travelers with managing hteir trips, from reservation to invoicing.

Airbnb has worked closely with Salesforce and Facebook to reinvent this type of travel and is already working with more than 30 companies, including Evernote, Eventbrite, and Lyft.

Airbnb explains that is has associated itself with Concur, whose Triplink software is used by 70% of Fortune 100 companies to manage their travel and expenses.

The new portal will not list the entire offerings from Airbnb, instead filtering out the out of the ordinary tree houses or the shared rentals, such as individual rooms in apartments.

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