Olive Green Hotel Crete Greece 04

The Olive Green Hotel in Heraklion, Crete is the first hotel in Greece to take sustainability to a whole new level.

The eco-friendly hotel is a hotel that has transformed a building from the 1960s into a sustainable smart tech venue.

Smart tablets allow hotel guests to control the lighting, A/C and TV in the hotels 48 rooms as well as order room service or post on social media.

“We employed reuse and recycle operational systems that utilize solar panels and other innovative methods that promote sustainable development” says Lefteris Karatarakis, Karatarakis Hotels SA Company CEO.

Olive Green Hotel Crete Greece 03

The luxury boutique hotel is self-sufficient in terms of energy, which it generates with its own solar panels.

Recyclable materials have been used in the construction as well as sustainable water management systems.

Olive Green Hotel Crete Greece 02

Apart from being eco-friendly and smart, the hotel is located close to the world famous Heraklion Archaeological Museum, one of Crete’s most beloved landmarks.

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