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SwapNights.comWe don’t mean swap it for good, we mean swap it for a few nights! Here’s the deal: is a new travel startup launched in September 2012 that proposes property accommodation business owners a new way to travel – by “swapping” their accommodation.

But that’s not all, they also have some creative ideas for owners: Swap holiday at different times; Swap holiday at the same time; Staff incentive/training swap; Swap and Operate (swap and run each other’s’ property for a working holiday).

Very original, we can’t wait to read on their blog about a swap and operate adventure or a staff incentive/training swap. Perhaps even a Swap Nights sponsored reality show – Gordon Ramsey style.

In their own words: is a website exclusively for professional accommodation operators and second or holiday home owners who want to swap accommodation with other operators around the world and stay free wherever they travel. Ready for a holiday? Swap a stay at your hotel with their B&B, your cabin with their beach house, your ski lodge with their outback camp – at the same time or different times – it’s all up to you. If a member proposes a Swap that does not suit your plans, there is the option to offer a special rate and generate a paid booking instead. Anyone can browse, but only members who are professional accommodation operators can join and SwapNights.

The swaps appear to be off to a great start, here is was Iris and John from New Zealand had to say:

“Simon has created that enables Accommodation providers to swap nights between each other. How brilliant! We run a Bed and Breakfast In Havelock North, New Zealand and already we have arranged a beautiful swap with some B&B owners near Brisbane, Australia. They are coming to us in March and we will go there in our winter months. It was easy to achieve and we are looking forward to meeting our first ‘swappers!’ We are also looking forward to arranging more Swaps around the world as well as in our homeland New Zealand. Thank you Simon for being so accommodating to work with – a great initiative.”

The original travel portal is the creation of Simon St John, an Australia-based author and travel writer. We look forward to seeing where the site heads this year.

What we like

  • The presentation video
  • The trendy name
  • Two-month trial for just $2
  • The exclusivity (only owners)

What we could do without

  • The homepage photo slider (slow to load)
  • The small Google Maps on the homepage

Here goes the screenshot (unfortunately due to the slow loading time it wasn’t grabbed fully by Snapito and doesn’t look as good as the live site):

Swap Nights

Be sure to check it out and share your feedback below:


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