14 Inspiring Tips For Hotel Marketers To Boost Their Social Media Presence

Inspiring Tips for Hotel Marketers to Boost Their Social Media Presence

Tips for Hotel Marketers to Boost Their Social Media Presence

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, a growing number of social media platforms has given hotel marketers new avenues to promote their business.

While social media may not be the future of hotel marketing entirely, it will definitely become more and more relevant.

Especially with tightening budgets, social media can offer an efficient alternative way of marketing your hotel to gain brand exposure and recognition.

But with all the choice and all the noise, what exactly should you do as a hotel marketer? How can you optimize your online presence? What should you be doing to efficiently manage your audience on social media?

Here are some tips that can provide some inspiration:

  1. Regularly upload a portfolio of recent photos of your hotel on Facebook.
  2. Create a collection of videos of your destination and add them to your hotel’s YouTube channel.
  3. Post photos on Twitter with an original slogan or statement (e.g. Amazing weather today in [insert city name] or Stunning views from [insert hotel name]).
  4. Email guests who have recently stayed at the hotel and ask them to share their photos or review on your Facebook page.
  5. Offer guests a bonus such as a complimentary glass of champagne when they ‘check in’ to your hotel on Foursquare.
  6. Share local advice via Facebook or Google+ on what guests can do while in town (e.g. hot tips for concerts, places to go for a drink or museums to visit).
  7. Add a +1 button to your website and encourage guests to add your hotel to their circles.
  8. Post stunning high quality photos of your hotel on Pinterest.
  9. When your guests take the time to comment on your content online or like your posts, engage with them and join the conversation.
  10. Create micro-videos (short videos) and upload them to Vine or Instagram.
  11. Place creative signs around the hotel to motivate guests to post their experiences and photos to Twitter, Facebook or other social media.
  12. Post some ‘behind the scenes’ photos of staff enjoying their work.
  13. Use social media to listen to your guests and when they have something to say, respond within a reasonable timeframe.
  14. Have a dedicated Twitter account for concierge services so guests can get advice on anything from local events to restaurant recommendations.

Are you using social media to promote your hotel? What has been your experience with social media?

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